Adult motorized Big Wheel




Cool, but are bicycle disc brakes really enough for that thing?


I don’t think they’re road legal. They probably don’t weigh that much either so they’re probably close.


This custom job is even more impressive but I suspect it would set you back more than two grand.


John Barrowman has one, though not motorized, I don’t think.


Time to grow up.


How does that driver see what’s in front of him?


What are you, some kind of nanny-state safety nut? The driver just rolls over whatever is in front of him.



Enjoying things that one finds to be fun is not mutually exclusive with being “grown up”.


Bollocks to that, I say!!!


$2k and it uses an engine I can get from Harbor Freight?..


I wish they had a picture or description of the transmission.


Probably good enough to stop it…
It is just a go kart with a big wheel in front.
We didn’t have any brakes on the ancient go-kart that my friend had when we were kids and most of us survived without any major scars (the accelerator on that thing often stuck wide open and the only way to stop the engine was to pull a string that would disconnect the spark plug wire).


Most likely just a chain and sprocket without any gearing.


That would make it challenging to start. At the very least it needs some sort of clutch mechanism unless they’re going cro-magnon with push starts.


I think that those motors just have a centrifugal clutch that engages the drive shaft when you get enough rpm…
at least that is how all the basic two-cycle mini-bikes and go karts worked when I was a kid.


time to grow up

If it sells a few thousand (or hundred thousand) units and makes the producers a bunch of money, will that be grown up enough for you?


Time to commission a new gas powered pogo-ball.


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