This 'wheelchair dance' company asks, 'Where's the disability?'

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Thanks Xeni. Hurray for all of this!

Any of you Boingers that run a business…actively recruit disabled people if you want a better company. There’s a lot of talent out there going to waste because of what often amounts to passive discrimination. Not that there isn’t plenty of active discrimination going around, but there is so much misunderstanding when it comes to how the disabled community is perceived.

And, yeah, the term disabled itself is problematic. But it is used in law, and is hard to abandon altogether.


This is a great effort. I just want to point out that Axis Dance Company has been producing original work for dancers with and without physical disabilities for a long time. In fact, they’re celebrating their 30th anniversary this year.

If you ever get the chance, see Bill Shannon, Crutch Master, perform. He has a degenerative hip disease but hasn’t let that stop him from dancing:

The Mark Morris Dance Company has a special program for Parkinson’s patients. Whole body movement reduces the tremors and they have been working with that fact, now, through dance for years ( My late friend, Ed Pincus, had Parkinson’s and practiced the martial art aikido. I would see him shake at the edge of the mat and then step on the mat to practice without any tremors. His last film, One Cut, One Life,, shows some of his process.

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