This Wi-Fi router with a 4-antenna array can blast a signal all over your home

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Any word on how it “phones home” like many other routers (looking at you, NetGear)?

With its 4 antennae (count them - FOUR!!!) I’m sure it phones home very effectively.

I say ‘give me 6 or 8 antennae’. Let the antenna wars begin.

Please. While you rely on your pitiful eight antennae array, I will have no less than six MILLION antennae. We will become all powerful, and homes thousands of miles away will pick up our signal! Mwa ha ha… wait, what? The FCC is calling? Signal interference? Shit, I’ve got another meeting, gotta run…


You mean like this one BB was hocking hawking 3 days ago?

eta: til


Is this your car?


So this one was a late entry to the antenna wars and already lost. Feeble.


Meaning of hocking in English


present participle of hock


verb [ T ]

informalUK /hɒk/ US /hɑːk/

to sell something that you hope to buy back later because you need money now:

She had to hock her wedding ring.

If I had one of these and was able to sell it I would certainly not hope to buy it back later! :wink:



verb [ T ]

UK /hɔːk/ US /hɑːk/

to sell goods informally in public places:

On every street corner there were traders hawking their wares.

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I’ve seen some ambitious canoe/kayak racks in my time…

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Hock is used when someone pawns something they hope to get back, but I’ve never seen (or didn’t notice) “hawk” written to mean informal sales. In the US the words are pronounced the same and I assumed spelled the same

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It is not unusual in UK to see signs on domestic properties’ doors saying "No Hawkers, No Circulars"

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