A WiFi range extender that works

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This isn’t another one of those cases where it would just make sense to buy a shiny new router, would it?

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“Beam forming” is actually a pretty cool engineering trick where you use interferences to your advantage. Use several antennas, and by cleverly shifting the signal (its phase actually) from or to each one, you reinforce the signal (both up and down) in any direction you’d like, without any moving part. You can even create multiple “virtual antennae” in preferred directions. It was first invented for military radars, but is now commonplace in cell towers that have to cover a wide area (countryside, anyone?). I guess that your TP-link device scouts signals around it, spots wifi transponders and reinforces the link in its general direction.

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No, the router is in a terrible place and pretty much has to be there. The way our local ISP works is mostly “by luck” and I can’t move the router too far from the PoE. This leaves me trying to blast wifi signal through the entire structure, or find ways to get around it. Running ethernet is something I’ve avoided for 8 years.


I saw this router the other day:

I don’t think your range extender has enough antennae


I have a shiny new router and I still find myself thinking about this item. I don’t know if the problem is in my house or with TWC but it seems to go out maybe 5 times a day.

Do you have cable TV wiring (even if you don’t use it for TV)? Get a couple of MoCA adapters and stick an old router in access point mode in another room. Works waaaay better than extenders, basically Ethernet.
e,g, https://www.amazon.com/Yitong-Technology-Ethernet-Adapter-YTMC-51N1-M2/dp/B019VSW2RA


Is that a real device? if so do you know which one?

(it looks more like something that would hold a wok with charcoal below the grill…)


I gave up after about 5 years of extenders/power-line-devices…
We have a rambling single story place, so getting a signal to all corners is not too easy. Our bedroom is behind a mostly brick wall, so it was a major dead spot. I got a basic signal by putting an extender on the area of the backside of the wall where there isn’t any brick, but it sure didn’t have much throughput (this was tech from 8 years ago).
About 6 years ago I finally dove into the stale-dust, scat, spiders, restless-spirits, etc that inhabit the crawlspace and ran a line to our bedroom so that I could set-up a second access point. That finally gave halfway decent coverage to most of the core parts of the house. Since then, I seem to make the plunge to run a new line every 2 years or so – living-room, mother-in-law-room, and the most recent a POE line to the back patio area to set up an AP, so that we get coverage in the backyard and better coverage in the rear of the house.

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Wart, wort…

Potato, Potatoe…

Let’s call the whole thing off.

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