Amped Wireless Range Extender - Send Wi-Fi to your home's weak spots


fwiw, if one has an apple wireless router, s/he can extend range by just adding another one (for $99 new or get a used one) just before the signal drops and linking that router to the first. Piece of cake. Your device will automatically jump to the stronger signal as you move around the house.

This is a great product idea, but please don’t pay $140 for it. A few minutes on Google and Amazon reveal several dozen similar products in the $20-$50 range.

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But do they actually work? I’ve tried a few that don’t. In fact I’ve never tried one that did.

And on a sidenote, if anyone out there is setting up a large network, research the gizmos made by the company Ubiquiti. Makes everything else look like toys.

Also, and I’m not even kidding since I use them, try the Big Ass Antenna™ upgrayedd for $15 before spending the big bucks.

I’ll shill for the Amped. I have one at the home office & one that travels with the road kit, what really makes the product standout is the excellent set up instructions and interface.

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