This wonderful video is all about smashing expectations


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Yeah, but at least this time the comments link did not lead back to the post. Pesco may be late/duplicating earlier posts but he offers a public service by getting the comments link right.
OR … was the whole thing (2 posts, one with a circular link) a deliberate exposition of the ‘absurdity’?


Oh dear, I didn’t realize that was still a thing.

Now I can link to this:


This video is the unicorn chaser I’ll be falling back to for the rest of the week.


That last bit with the balloon could theoretically work.


Very inventive.


“Yes, Grandpa Dave, we’ve already seen the ‘Internet funny.’ It was very nice.”


Except that’s clearly a propane tank.


And as we all know, propane tanks cannot possibly ever be filled with any other gas than propane.


Considering that propane fittings are left-threaded it would be a challenge. Wouldn’t be surprised if the valves couldn’t hold in helium/hydrogen either.

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