This year's nerd Valentines are in, and they are boss af


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I’m going with the dozen roses and a nice dinner, thanks for the heads up though…


True nerds are bothered by this because “> epsilon” should have been “< epsilon”, proving convergence. Of course, that would mean in the limit, my love for you is infinitely small, but we could fix it by stating delta= 1/(my love for you).


I know not what to make of these… devil’s signs, :thinking:


Ditto. Just let your eyes glaze over and assume it’s all runes that mean, roughly, “MY LOVE FOR YOU IS LIKE A TRUCK”.


Bee Mine


I’ve translated it!


No it’s not that epsilon. It’s just whatever number is greater than every number. No?

The one that bothers me is the blue shift, because it’s meaningless without specifying an inertial observer, which can’t be the writer, since he is at rest with respect to himself.


Yay, I see something I remember from calculus class!


But it’s not correct. That should be delta>0.


I was lookin’ at this one:

I think it has something to do with calculus. I recall something about limits.


So it’s all math and science, no topics like history, art, philosophy or psychology/sociology? Bummer.


Oh, that one! That’s the math one that isn’t problematic. The graph starts bouncing up and down between -1 and 1 faster and faster as x approaches zero.


Ok you two! Get a room!

Happy Valentines!


Too many STEM people never bother to consider that type of nerdery.


Not even music! Where are the nerds of my youth?


To match my subject I’d have to say something like “You make my heart beat with less variability” or “My desire is as strong as that of a collie spotting s sheep!”


Good heaven! There are bee mines?


looks nice out today shall I stay out


You can make your own valentines you know, mister pointy-headed intellectual.