Thousands of birds dropping from the sky in Indian city

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“This shit is for the birds” starts to lose its punch when even the birds can’t handle aforementioned shit. We’re the (probably) only animal on this planet capable of comprehending the danger we’re in, and literally the only ones capable of fixing the problem, but we’d rather watch birds drop from the sky and see the oceans become barren before busting a grape in a fruit fight to try an fix anything.


“dropping like flies”, I’d say.

It’s uncomfortably close to the beginning of Ministry for the Future.

Optimism is baked-in to Kim Stanley Robinson’s books, but I have very little of it left for our actual reality.


When this becomes a routine event in the US, there will be discussions of whether chemtrails and Jewish space lasers are behind it. As it’s important to present both sides.


Yes, I’d read Robinson’s book as well, and I too thought about that opening chapter. Like his Red, Green, Blue Mars trilogy, and it’s failure to take Mar’s
lack of mass and active Van Allen belt in the terraforming phase, his Earth Liberation Front style guerrilla movement seems an unlikely outcome.

These are the signs and portents of mass extinction~

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