Threading the RCA Projector (1950s)


I’m guessing the original 1950’s video tutorial was presented on a reel of film.

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Interestingly, there are no safety instructions. I can see a couple of points where the projectionist’s safety might be a concern, but I guess back then people were expected to think about what they were doing and to consider the consequences.

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I used to thread that exact model back in junior high school. We had two slightly newer RCA models (the green portables) and a much newer Singer. I’m so old.

I used to think I was cool because teachers would actually pull me out of classes to come set up their projectors for them. The next year they started an AV club to teach any interested students how to operate them, so I lost interest.

True, that. A recently purchased tank of propane cautioned against checking for leaks with an open flame.

Not it if was a video tutorial. If it was presented on film it was a film tutorial.

Well no, they couldn’t put it on film, could they? Obviously, it was on Youtube.

I still dial phone numbers.

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