Throwing Muses - “slippershell” (free MP3)


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I think his name is Dave Narcizio - he’s been running a graphic design studio (called Lakuna) with his wife in Rhode Island, where the band originally hails from…


Very cool… they’ve been a favorite since the 4AD sampler “Lonely Is An Eyesore” took its name from their lyrics back in the 1980s.

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Alas, for me…
Throwing Muses - Tanya Donelly != Throwing Muses

Very much alas for you. Some kind of weird Throwing Muses without the all-time classic albums Limbo and University… it’s just too crazy to comprehend!

The new album is truly amazing. It came as a total surprise and shock. Check it out.

Doesn’t Kristin Hersh have like 4 children?? I think I read that somewhere. So maybe that explains why they haven’t been as productive in the past 10 years. But great to see a new Throwing Muses album and thanks for the download!

Never seen that video before, but it sounds to me like a live recording of the song. Anyway it’s definitely a different version than the one on the 4AD album, rawer and with less slick production. The entire Lonely is an Eyesore album is superb, one of my favorite label sample albums ever.

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