Tibetan monks shot by Chinese police for praying on Dalai Lama’s birthday

The International Campaign for Tibet reports that “Two Tibetan monks were shot in the head and several others seriously injured after Chinese police opened fire at a crowd gathered to peacefully celebrate the 78th birthday of the Dalai Lama in Nyitso, Tawu, eastern Tibet, on Saturday (July 6).” READ THE REST

This is what happens when a philosophy of compassion and loving kindness meets a boot stamping on a human face-- forever. It’s a tragedy that there seems to be no reason or impetus for China to change its attitude. Perhaps in a few generations the attitude of the Chinese government will be different.

Praying? That is very interesting choice of words from the linked article, I would have assumed these monks would have been Buddhist…well it is horribly sad whatever they were doing, sounds like they were being peaceful when this violent actions occurred.

(i guess some westerners frequently mistranslates mantras as prayers despite the concepts being so different, perhaps that is what the title is meaning, hence the term prayer flags and prayer beads despite both being for mantras not prayers. the article even says some Tibetans worship the Dali Lama sighs if there is one belief system that you can’t really transpose christian concepts onto it is Buddhism)

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