Tickets for Shanghai Disneyland re-opening sold out in 3 minutes

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Shows often sell out in minutes. It’s because TicketMaster (and the like) are in bed with scalpers, who buy tickets as rapidly as the Internet will allow. When a show is supposedly sold out, TicketMaster’s profit is no longer at risk, they’re good. The scalpers have the risk, which they balance against their ability to, ahem, adjust prices.


I wouldn’t do this, but I can’t really fault anyone over there for buying tickets. When are you ever going to visit a Disneyland park at less than 25% capacity? How cool would that be?


On the one hand really short lines. One the other possible death. I suppose that if the lines are short enough that I could get the remaining rides in my life in…then maybe. Though is that number of remaining rides in my adjusted or unadjusted lifespan. Hmmm

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what could possibly go wrong


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