Tiktok is valued at $75b, is spending $3m/day on US advertising, and in China, it has been turned into a state propaganda vehicle

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That’s a lot of money to spend on something that seems very likely to disappear soon.

Reminds me of Yikyak. Or was it Yik Yak? So popular for a little while, now already hard to remember.


I will say their ads on facebook are fascinating with some really awesome cosplay and 3 second snippets of songs.

And then I’ve seen many a compilation, looks like mainly from China, of being doing cool stuff like making a bunch of food real fast with precision and speed.

Did I miss something important, again…


This is shameful. Not long ago, the U.S. could be counted on to take the lead in developing and spending ridiculous amounts on marketing toxic apps that enable authoritarians.


I missed the news that HQ Trivia was on its way out. Shucks.

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Have you heard of this thing called Twitter? I installed an extension for Chrome that turns Dear Leader’s tweedles into a 5 year old’s crayon writing. Pairs perfectly with the content.


Yep. I’m old and tired. I don’t care about Tiktok beyond the fact that it reminds me of a character from the Wizard of Oz book series.

But it’s good to be aware of its impending "everywhere"ness, I suppose. Time to batten down the bullshit hatches.


There’s an app for that.


I would expect nothing else.


For those of you going “WTF is Tictok?!?”, which I imagine is a lot of readers the service is basically Vine but with much more aggressive tagging and pseudo-contests where you make short videos all with the same soundtrack. So there will be a short clip from a song like Old Town Road and people will make videos to go along with it. The interface is set up to let you view video after video with little to no interruption so it a fantastic way to waste an entire afternoon by accident.

As far as the propaganda content goes, I’m not sure how that is going to work.

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You’re missing something important right now!


“I’m gonna take my horse down the ol’ town road, I’m gonna ride till I can’t no more.”

Next Video

“War is Peace. Slavery is Freedom.”

Next Video

“Shake it off, shake it off!”

I’m totally going to critique this app on my MySpace page…

So, it’s like “USgate”?

I still miss Vine. Not that I ever used it myself, but I’ve seen a lot of Vines that were truly excellent.


I feel like there needs to be some sort of modern Tarot for businesses like these.

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Maybe Im just naive… but it seems perverse to monetize these forums where its the users who create all the value. The only thing the “provider” adds, is some nice formatting and packaging and infrastructure to move the content. But the content is free to them.

And then the users/content creators will flock to another platform that tweaks the packaging a little, and then we re-discover Metcalf’s law all over again.

Do advertisers have some sort of constitutional right to interject themselves into every single human interaction that moves through the wire? Seems like people were willing to pay the freight costs themselves, back when it was just a telephone system…

There was a moment, back in the 90’s when it seemed like a weird idea to turn the internet into another kind of television experience. I confidently predicted that all the money being thrown at the net, would turn out to have been wasted, and the freight would get paid for in a way that seemed compatible with a democratic internet. Boy, was I wrong! But I wasn’t the only one, back then.

(Back in the day, fortran wasnt even threetran! Kids today have no idea! Etc…)

Wasn’t there a big lizard in Peter Pan also called Tiktok?

That’s The Fool, Judgement; and one or more coin-suit cards of any value(drawn apparently at random); right?