Tilleul de Gérouville is an adorable 600-year-old mushroom-like tree hollow you can sit inside of

Originally published at: Tilleul de Gérouville is an an ancient tree hollow you can sit in

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Just to note that this is in Belgium, not France as the post tag suggests.

I’m really impressed that he managed to exhibit this in 1880 after it was knocked down in 1976.

Is it also bigger on the inside?

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Came to observe the same anachronism (or typo).
Maybe needs more @Popkin … oh, darn, there is no such thing.


Fixed, thanks.

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(Wouldn’t it be easier if there were an @Popkin? Less work for you?)

Not up to me.

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I guessed as much. Seems a real oversight. Hey-ho. Keep up the excellent work! :wink:

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@orenwolf the fix is the wrong century, the dates should be 1876 and 1880.

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Okie then, time-travelling removed!

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