Tim Wu runs for New York State Lieutenant Governor, promising to clamp down on big business

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2014/06/17/tim-wu-runs-for-new-york-state.html

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Does a NY lt. governor actually have any ability to deliver on campaign promises (assuming the governor doesn’t die in office)? It strikes me as a largely powerless office.

There’s a lot New Yorkers will be able to do with a new governor. Among the many issues that our current governor has blocked: small donor empowerment (campaign finance reform), allowing cities like New York to raise their own minimum wage, and passing meaningful drug reform, to stop ruining the lives of so many young people.
Our campaign would love to see volunteers and supporters with that BoingBoing spirit: http://zephyrteachout.com.
(Thanks for posting about the amazing Tim Wu and our campaign!)

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