Time names its first "Kid of the Year"

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As soon as I heard “cabon nanotubes”, my immediate thought was, “Who’s this kid’s parents?” All of these “high perfomming” kids tend to come from academics or rich kids. When I judged a high school science fair, it was immediately obvious who the professor kids were, because they would have instruments like a gas chromatograph instead of a ruler and scale, because they had access to a such a device, and most kids didn’t.


I did go to some regional science fairs about 20 years ago.

I’m not sure I noticed that type, but I did notice categories. There were topical projects, things in the news, the kids good at school. And then the kids who had projects that reflected their own interests. Little electronic projects, the science fair legitimizing the end. (I was like that as a kid) Or someone doing a project about rocket packs, it was clear she was interested in the topic.

I don’t remember seeing projects that were beyond their years, but I’ve read about them.

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I heard her on the radio this morning. Her current project (among many) is detecting parasites in water, she described how she was planning on doing that at which point she lost me.

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