Tiny Beatles perform in Spain



That drummer is amazing. I expect he’ll have an excellent career.


And after reading the autobiographies of Ray Davies and Dave Davies at more or less the same time I can’t help wishing The Kinks had kept their early name “The Ravens”. Oh well. We can’t expect our favorite bands to do exactly what we want all the time.

That was top-notch puppetry - hands all in time etc etc.

Deserved a bigger more appreciative audience maybe.


Yeah, they don’t have paper money in Spain?

The smallest paper denomination is 5€.

I counted around 10€ in coins, that is around $12.50. Not bad at all!

Also, you don’t want your money to disappear in a gust of wind! :wink:

That looks like there are two people manipulating four puppets, and damn well. I just read a Bazooka bubble gum fortune and it said to swirl your leg clockwise and write the number six, to prove you couldn’t do two things at once.

Obviously, you simply don’t have the co-ordination in your leg to do what the fortune asked.

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