Tiny construction vehicles on a tiny construction site


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The Fraggles would absolutely DESTROY that worksite. :frowning:

poor dozers. :frowning:


Why is there (what appears to be) a plastic miniature replica of Little Boy on this tiny construction site?

Picked up at 2:02 https://youtu.be/RcLofSL5h5I?t=2m02s
Dropped at 2:21 https://youtu.be/RcLofSL5h5I?t=2m21s


I’m guessing that since this is in Germany, there’s a replica WWII 500lb bomb to reference real-life hazards of construction and even farming work in broad swathes of Europe- lots and lots of unexploded ordnance from two world wars scattered about.


Fun. Well more fun than running model trains round circles. German huh? Not Tamiya Japan?


I spent most of this video screaming ‘ZOOM OUT’ at my screen.


You can tell that front-end loader is being controlled by a guy who actually drives a front-end loader all day. He knows exactly what he’s doing.


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Well done, sir.


It makes me want to R/C-ize a Tonka truck.


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I think you’re right; they are talking about a dud (Blindgänger) lying around.


But the speed ratio is all wrong, unless the operators are smoking meth. /s


I would be surprised if there weren’t similar clubs in Japan as well; modelling, R/C and model engineering seem to have larger followings particularly in Japan and Germany compared to the US. Lots and lots of model engine builders in the UK too.


Actually, this reminds me of a real but little-known show: “Jim Henson’s Construction Site,” which was produced with remotely-puppeted R/C construction vehicles, probably about the same scale as these ones.


“I have a construction job that needs doing, but it is pretty small…”


Video from this combined with the audio from the Fraggle Rock intro: http://vmashup.com/winNL6ID


Yes, but will they accept payment at 1/8 scale?



Do you want replicators? Because this is how you get replicators!


I like my job, but I wish I liked my job so much that I wanted to play simulations of my day job in my time off.


Right? Gaaahhhh!