Tiny flush-fit dual USB adapter for cars for $9

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I have one similar to this, but I don’t feel comfortable keeping it plugged in because my car never cuts power to the cig plug. So I worry that it’s going to wear out the battery.


Same. My 1987 VW Vanagon will find a way let that parasitic draw fuck something up. It lives on the floor and i put it in after I start the car. Comes out no problem if I pull on a cable with a bit of torsion.

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The draw from one of these is so small, that if you’re honestly worried about this draining the car battery, it’s time for a new battery.

I’d be more concerned about 1) RF noise. Some of these little jobbies make so much RF noise that you can’t listen to the radio (yes, I still do that from time to time) and 2) In general the build quality of many of these* make me worry about it shorting out some day if it’s left powered on 24/7.

  • I have no idea what this one’s like, but I’ve opened some that are astonishingly poorly designed and put together!

I leave one powered on to run an mp3 player that doesn’t like to be turned off. The current draw is trivial, though I’d unplug it if I went on holiday. The main issue is electrical noise bleeding through from the alternator (the noise changes proportional to engine rpm). But they are around $2 from the local dollar store. I have one on order from Aliexpress ($4) that has a built-in voltmeter. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/CHOETECH-Universal-USB-Car-Charger-for-iPhone-7-6S-Plus-5V-3-1A-Dual-USB-Mobile/32832527218.html

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