Tiny picnic tables for feeding squirrels in style

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These folks have clearly never seen angry squirrels. Heaven help them if patrons stop liking the service at their new restaurant and start sending the nuts back! :chestnut: :house: :face_with_head_bandage:


This is where squirrels are not asked to practice social distancing.


They need to put up umbrellas for some shade.


It’s like a mini-bbq pit restaurant. Who’s going to clean up the peanut shells?

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This is after two weeks, after two months they will be making tables for Cthulhu.


With matching bibs for the Cthulhu twins.

Humans are so cute when they go slowly insane in mind-wrecking isolation.

It’s like sous vide – slow cooking is the secret to delicious souls.

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I hate to nitpick, but I feel like those squirrel tables won’t last very long in the elements. $25 seems a bit steep for unfinished pieces of wood nailed together and a tiny plastic bowl. Fun idea, though.

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Good use for little bits of scrap wood that aren’t big enough for much else.

But I am divided on feeding squirrels-- they steal enough from bird feeders as it is, and don’t even sing for their supper like birds.


We have a friend who has been driven insane with the help of a loving wife and baby, and has made one of these. The family’s new obsession is watching squirrels. I have a feeling this will not stay cute for much longer.

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