Squirrel eats glazed donut


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Followed by Squirrel Goes To Puddle To Wash Hands. The one downside of glazed donuts is that no amount of licking will remove that stuff.



That squirrel’s on a stakeout.


this squirrel is literally what we all need right now.



In my neighborhood it seems like squirrels are going from being welcome friends in the park to vermin that thrives off of trash that’s left out for collection. I’ve noticed they’ve gnawed through the plastic lids of my trash containers and I have to brace myself every time I throw something away that a squirrel could leap out of the bin toward my face. I think over time squirrels will become a serious problem like rats are in most cities, as I think they’re getting acclimated to living off of trash instead of acorns and seeds.


Looks jittery, must’ve already had his coffee.


Squirrels. Just like rats, yet somehow cute.


Sugar always lifts my spirits!



“The only kind of nuts I needs is do-nuts.”


We will start to see diabetic squirrels if they get glazed donuts all the time. It will regulate the squirrel population naturally; they will either get fat and too slow to avoid car tires or cats, or die if they don’t discover insulin.


Get an owl house.


I’d rather have a donut.



That squirrel is going to have a very short life if he/she keeps up those eating habits.


Get an owl house to remove donut eating squirrels? Why didn’t I think of that!


My daughter took this picture at Mt. St. Helens.

It’s the chipmunks you gotta watch out for. That’s a bone he’s gnawing on.


is there a GIF of this? because i may need one…


Where’s the video of the glazed squirrel after the sugar-rush hits?

Good thing it wasn’t a red squirrel, they’re hyper enough already.