Tiny robot pendants made of repurposed electronic waste


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/02/27/tiny-robot-pendants-made-of-re.html


I read the title as Tiny Robot Pedants Made of Repurposed Electronic Waste.


Well, actually, they’re not really robots.


And, actually, I’d call these “repurposed” as opposed to recycled…


And technically, hex nuts are not “electronic waste”.


I read the title as “Tiny robot pedants made of repurposed electronic waste” and was confused. Spent way too long trying to visualize what that meant.


Less robots more lifeforms trapped inside plastic.


More this?


The idea of having these guys inside my phone is both disturbing and hopeful at the same time.


I also read it that way. I was excited about the efficiency gains from automating this important area of responsibility.


I guess that’s okay for some people, but if you’re really serious about cutting down on electronic waste, wind some cat 5 cable around a CRT monitor and wear it as a chest medallion. The back pain is totally worth it for the environment.


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