A fidget spinner with a built-in mobile phone

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Game Changer: harvest the rotational energy to accumulate sufficient charge to make a call


When someone said to “Sit on it and spin” this is not what they meant.

Use it from an office chair, and if there’s a slow connection, you can have a spinner on your spinner while you spin.


I think you could fit a Raspberry Pi in there.

Finally, @beschizza has found it. The perfect dumb phone.


load it up with the phone numbers of all your ex’s and when you get drunk you spin it and it dials whichever one it stops on. i dub it wheel of misfortune.

add a pacifier and I’m all in

re: price. Maybe we look at it wrong; why are some things so expensive here? When I can get an mp3 player for a buck and a half, or an Arduino for three (including shipping), why should a hearing aid cost several grand? (Aliexpress ones start around $20.) Quality, sure, but worth trying them at least.

This poor woman is going to have to crush all the STUPID LITTLE cute BoingBoing nerd phones with her bare hands.

Get a grip B.B. posters, you are exacerbating E-Waste on a level I have never seen before.


Um, “bare hands”? I see two hammers right next to her and a shovel (plus another tool) by the wall -.-’ … And she’s busting those phones (and other electronic doodads) for parts to sell, so she probably WOULD appreciate the extra stock.

E-waste certainly is a serious problem, but you’re going to have to do better than that.

Actually she’s harvesting lead, tin, cadmium, and gold. The circuit boards then go to the ‘landfill’. Go watch Manufactured Landscapes bro.

I’ve recycled circuit boards and electronics myself, and while the metals
are important (and also part of the device, so quibbling is silly), quite
often individual components can be worth a good bit, whether for their
materials or actual function. She also is NOT doing so “bare-handed”,
quite obviously, so, er…

What are you on about; did you think you were contradicting me, perhaps?
If so, well, try again, your quibble game is weak.

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