Tip for Mac users use Preview to put signatures on PDFs

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I :heart: preview. With OS X, you can save anything you are going to print as a pdf, and then insert it to your document in Preview (Edit > Insert > Page From File…). It’s also easy to just use command-shift-4 (or 3 for your whole screen) and then hit space to capture a single window that saves as a file to your Desktop, which you can now insert. Click on the toolbox icon near the top right and you can add basic shapes and text. Save the document as a pdf and you now have a document that can easily be shared and printed regardless of platform.


Apple’s mac programs can be remarkably bloated and behind the times, but usually look pretty good compared to Adobe’s alternatives.

Also, good tip indeed. Didn’t know that.

My partner works in an office situation and creates tons of fill-able forms that Preview will not work with. I love PDF. It is almost as non-standard as the RS232 was for hardware.

This tip is fantastic!

Now, is there any way to remove the signature? I opened a random PDF, added a signature and then closed it without saving… and it’s still there when I open the file. Since when does a Mac app save changes to documents without being explicitly asked to do so?

Answering my own question: File > Revert To… allowed me to go back to the original document. I did not find any way to edit or remove the signature after closing the document. I am, however, left with the feeling that my 20 years of experience using Macs is now worthless.

Since OS X 10.8, I think? It’s one of Apple’s sillier decisions in the long downhill slide since Snow Leopard.

Just select the signature and delete it.

So can I.

I mean create a contract in PDF, and add YOUR signature to it. You don’t even have to do anything. Saves you a lot of time. Come to think of it, you don’t even to know of it.


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