Tokyo travel tips, day 2: busy Takeshita street and quiet alleys of Harajuku

A gourmet “chasuke” restaurant? Hm. I was under the impression that chasuke was mostly “comfort food” like having a bowl of Breakfast Cereal for dinner, but I guess we have those in the states, too.

And speaking of US chains in Japan, the Pittsburgh-born “Mister Donut” chain is entirely out of business here in the states, but seemed more popular than Dunkin’s in Japan.

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I fully admit having a bias towards Nara. My wife is from the area. I visit Japan every 2 years or so. At least half the trip involves staying at my in-law’s home in Kashihara City. About 30 minutes from the final resting place of the first Emperor. The other half of the trip involves getting away from the in-laws because they start to drive us crazy.

Kyoto is definitely worth two days in of itself.

I would think its like hipster attempts to have gourmet mac & cheese or PBJ sandwiches.


Did the pittsburgh one taste like rain water soaked cardboard too?

BTW Dunkin went out of business in Japan in the late 90s. We have Krispy Kreme now and the locals love it.

That’s what Pittsburgh tastes like, true enough. Just ask Beschizza.

Most of the Krispy Kreme locations around here have closed, and there has been a resurgence of Dunkin’ Donuts.

Yeah, Eggs n Things is an “American chain restaurant” only on the narrowest of technicalities, since it’s a) three locations in Waikiki; and b) one on Guam. Pretty lazy snobbery on Mark’s part.

Johnny’s4 is a talent management agency which handles the big ticket boy bands.

Yeah, you’d think someone who writes frequently about Japan and its popular culture would know that, or at least how to use Google.

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