Tokyo travel tips, day 4 (part 1): grilled mochi, trick art, and a steep hike

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“It’s my head in a box!”


How was the language barrier? I notice that the vending machine was just listed in Japanese.
Did you use any translation apps for voice and text to help you?


We got some snacks, including these sticky grilled mochi balls with sweet miso paste:


I was pleasantly shocked to meet an old friend (hint: it’s someone Boing Boing readers know and love)

Rob Ford? Wait, is he dead?


thanks for these travel posts, mark. they are very interesting. i have not been to japan since 1989 so it’s nice to see what’s happening there.


I had to reflect on this photo for a while in order to figure it out…


How do the restaurant tickets work? You pick out your choices and pay, hand to waiter who brings them?

Some of the art looks like early D&D manual illustrations! I mean this in a good way.

Sorry you didn’t see any monkeys, Mark. We were delighted to see plenty of snow monkeys even in June up in Yudanaka. The monkeys even spoke English and gave out photo taking tips.


Had me at head in a frame on a table.
Hope to see some food photos too.

This reminds me of something I was discussing with a friend here in Korea about the differences between the two countries:

Note the lack of English and excess of kanji on the selections. Like Americans expecting you to be able to speak American, Japanese expect you to speak Japanese. You can’t hang, it’s not really their problem. Here in Korea English is everywhere which makes it far easier for expats to be super lazy about learning Korean. To this day I can speak Japanese better and I’ve forgotten 90% in the five years since I’ve lived there.

And now I plan to sit here and feel empty because five years? It feels like I was there just yesterday and every year the days pass faster and faster until there are none of them left…

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20 years here and I didnt know that one! Thanks. Not sure if we’ll make that trip but it might be fun to check out.

FYI the Ukai group is very famous and just about every one of their restaurants requires advance booking. IIRC some of them are Michelin star’d

There’s always cold beer at the top!

Excess? Theres just enough, no more and no less.

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That’s some impressive Wally cosplay. Except for the hair, maybe.


I gotta say this for kanji: It’s hard to write but once you know the characters reading Japanese is hella easy. Korean I have to phonetically sound out and half the time it turns out that I’m trying to figure out a transliterated English word…

EDIT: Just to be clear to anyone else reading… I’m an utter language imbecile so don’t let this give you the impression that I’m some sort of polyglot. I can barely handle English on most days.


Do we start a thread?

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For those who haven’t:

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