Shopping in Harajuku, Tokyo




These are awesome, Mark. Your daughters are super lucky to have that experience. My wife and I got back from Japan a month ago and this album takes me right back.


I really enjoyed this post!


What fun! How did you manage the language barrier?


Hot waffles? Looks a little like takoyaki?

When I was there the goshapon vending machines combined two trends you noted and dispensed miniature anatomical models.


The crepes display is a triumph of fake food modelling.


Our 墓, haka or family grave, is in Harajuku. It’s by the old station a little farther along than the Takeshita-dori station that is only for use by the Emperor.
I really enjoy going to Harajuku, but I’m starting to feel like it belongs to the younger generation (like I used to be :wink: ).


Those are 'baby castella" (be-bi-kasu). They are delicious, especially when just made and so hot they burn your finger tips. They smell so good I can never walk past without buying some.
Just past this, and the stairs of the pedestrian bridge and closer to the Park entrance you’ll find takoyaki and yakisoba.


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