Collection of vintage maps of Akihabara

Originally published at: Collection of vintage maps of Akihabara | Boing Boing


I spent a large chunk of my teenage years in the 1980’s in Japan. As a white gaijin, it was a fascinating place to be alive. My parents house was in Kamiyama-cho, about a 15min walk up the hill from the famous Shibuya scramble crossing (better known locally for the Hachiko statue) and we used to go to Akihabara from time to time. My memories of tiny shops (the rajio-kaikan included) stuffed with unknowable wares - atmospheric, mysterious. But I preferred trips to the more ordered atmosphere of Tokyu Hands. Less tiring. Less Blade Runner. But I was 13 the time and preferred music to transistors as indeed I do today. Later, my lean white body worked for a summer on the late shift at the movie restaurant “Oh! God” in Harajuku, owned by Murakami Gan. Harajuku in 1989. Harajuku eternal.


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