Tom Hayden, famed civil rights and anti-war activist, has passed away

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RIP, Mr. Hayden. Couldn’t agree more with your assessment of him. In this day and age when we (horrifiyingly) villify protesters and agents of change, it’s more important than ever to recognize his achievements in bringing sunlight to the areas of our political system that need improvement.

I have a tangential, family story that probably (definitely) says more about my dad than Mr. Hayden, but here goes:

During the 70’s, my father had to depose/interview Tom Hayden (I think it was for Church Committee stuff related to the FBI activities during the ’68 Chicago dem convention - dad was a key staffer on a bunch of big things like that) and he had to go to Hayden’s house. At the time Mr. Hayden was married to Jane Fonda. Dad was let into the house, and had to sit and wait for Mr. Hayden to come downstairs or something. In the meantime, he waited in the kitchen while Ms. Fonda was walking around (according to dad, she was in a bathrobe (!)) Ms. Fonda caught dad staring at her. According to the story, she angrily asked dad “Why are you doing that?”. To which he replied…

“Because that’s what I do.”


famed civil rights and anti-war activist, has passed away

Accidental read was “famed civil war activist”, and I thought “Wow did that guy have a long life or what.”

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