California lawmakers reject "John Wayne Day" because John Wayne was a racist creep


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Republican State Assemblyman Matthew Harper of Huntington Beach should be running for re-election soon.


MDC knew the score!


“Opposing the John Wayne Day resolution is like opposing apple pie, fireworks, baseball, the Free Enterprise system and the Fourth of July!”

While I’m glad the measure was defeated, I can’t really disagree with him too much. I’ll quibble with apple pie and baseball, but the rest of the list pretty much stands condemned, as far as I’m concerned.


I wonder how many of Wayne’s problematic personality traits will make it into AMC’s adaptation of Preacher. (Even in the comic book the specter of Wayne tried to toughen up the main character by calling him a “f*ggot.”)

Also, is there something about being a cowboy actor that makes people more likely to be neoconservative nutjobs in real life? The only prominent exception that comes to mind is Robert Redford.


He did know he could be dead wrong, and “he believed his lung cancer to have been a result of his six-packs-a-day cigarette habit.”


And he’ll win. Huntington Beach is next to Newport Beach and the entire region is solidly Republican/Libertarian. Don’t let the surfer thing fool you.


Wait just a minute now. . . if I understand conservative ideology, “Selfishness” is the highest virtue a person can aspire to (q.v. Ayn Rand et al.). . . so John Wayne was expressing a pro-native American stance. . . right. . . ?

Have I misunderstood conservative ideology. . . ?


Shockingly, apple pie was not invented in america. Neither was baseball.


Huntington Beach is where the “cranky Republican” branch of my family tree lives. It also sports a thriving Hummer dealership despite a lack of local opportunities for off-road driving.


You mean some Hummer owners actually take them off-road?


There’s something to the mystique and rose-colored-glasses nostalgia for cowboys (versus Indians) that attracts a certain kind of actor, maybe?


Yes, if you count “the company which owns the models they put in those TV commercials.”


Just to get on topic for a moment, fuck ‘the Duke’.

He was a complete wanker, just like anyone who thinks there should be a day named after him.


John Wayne was a draft dodging turd. California should honor James Garner., Now there is a real class act. He not only fought in the Korean war, but he went on to be antiwar. If you ever watch Rockford, you will see that he always attempts to avoid violence and deescalate the situation. He knew the consequences of war and violence first hand, that was why he was not full of empty bravado, unlike Wayne.


How does anyone have time for a six-packs-a-day-habit? That’s pretty much smoking constantly from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. Ugh. I’m surprised his hair wasn’t yellow from the tar.


“Supporting the John Wayne Day resolution is like supporting terrorism, cyberterrorism, the holocaust, child molestation, child terrorism, and whispering the word ‘■■■■■’ into the ears of random people on the street.”


As it seems to me, selfishness in the conservative ideology has two subcategories. If the conservative individual is trying to protect their own resources my any means possible, regardless of reason, then this is just their God given right to protect their property, etc, and this is a good and proper thing. If, on the other hand, someone who has something the conservative desires, such as land they refuse to sell, or the person’s remaining shred of dignity, then that person is selfish and obviously a horrible human being and completely unreasonable.


I hope to be proven wrong, but I expect that adaptation will suck for a bunch of reasons. I am very, very skeptical of Seth Rogan’s ability to treat the material right. My fear is that he wants to prove he can do action. Also the casting for Jesse seems wrong right from the start.

Ah well.


And according to the movie, he was a total dick to Trumbo.