TOM THE DANCING BUG: Billy Dare vs. The Power of Plot Requirements!

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Wonderful! TVTropes backs this up:


The fist fight in act three is soooooo annoying.
Giant mech-warriors and alien beings standing in the ocean? Of course the only solution is a fist fight.


You bastard. There goes the rest of my day.


You fool, you think you can distract me with a TVTropes link when I’ve got chores to… Hey, wow, mighty whitey just nailed Avatar!


And the chain sword thing is devastatingly effective but they keep forgetting it’s there, it seems. Friggin’ wrestling moves? Against Godzilla? Yeah, good luck with that.

Wait, what?


Ah! The Meta, it burns!

If anyone is watching Pacific Rim looking for original and unique plot points, they are already in for a bad time. Those seeking realism? Even worse off.

But I love that movie to death, accepting that the plot quality is Taco Bell level. The visuals, however, are five-diamond.

It’s just a lot of fun. :slight_smile:


I liked a lot about that movie, it was a good old fashioned popcorn movie, and it had Idris, so obviously good.

But the “fist fight in act three” is not just that movie. Its ALL “action” type movies. All genres. Comedy, spy, drama, godzillas, whathave you. They ALL have a fist fight in act three. And good lord am I tired of it.


Well, yeah… I agree. Even when the directors try to build up the “no other choice” argument, it’s still a tired message they’re sending, over and over again. Part of it’s the medium and the genre–these movies use visual motion to keep attention on the screen. And while a riveting discussion and intelligent verbal resolution would be nice, there’s a belief that the average audience will lose interest in that. Which isn’t good for the life of their product and profits.As much as I enjoy Hollywood movies, I’m well aware they exist as money-making machines seeking widespread appeal.

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As always, Quentin is the real hero here!


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