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Thank you. I had never thought of it like this before.


I’ve noticed in the last few days that a surprising (to me) number of people thought that colleges were admitting people only on the basis of their race, and that just wasn’t the case. Racial quotas for college admissions were declared unconstitutional in 1978. And a couple of cases involving the University of Michigan in the early 2000s clarified that affirmative action programs were only allowable if race was used as one factor, not the sole factor, in evaluating admissions. I think the general public has a mistaken impression of what affirmative action is and is not.


It’s a wonder we are even a remotely civil society after the ‘80s.


People have zero idea how “affirmative action” works. When I was in grad school I taught public speaking and every semester I had someone who wanted to do a persuasive speech against affirmative action. I always asked them “what do you know about it?” they never knew anything. “It sounds like you will need to do a lot of research on this topic.” Then they changed their topic to something “easier…”


It’s a much easier argument against the straw man that they initially thought it was.


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This comic has a problem. It is not far fetched to say that it states that black people are good at being black, and not much else, i.e., not at being good in the other 15 attributes mentioned. That is identity logic gone (extremely) bad, and pretty racist, imho. I understand that the author probably intended to state that the USA are systemically racist to such a degree that successes in the other 15 attributes are made impossible to (all) non-white people, now even more with the SCOTUS ruling. But this is unfortunately not the only way to see this comic.

The POINT is that this is how many who oppose affirmative action view Black Americans, and because of systemic racism and deeply embedded racist views, that’s how they’ll be treated going forward. All you have to do is listen to how people on the right talk about AA to show how that’s true - the people on the right arguing against AA believe that the ONLY reason Black candidates got these spots was because of their race - which is untrue. These were often kids who are just as talented, smart, and capable as their white, upper class peers (probably more so, in fact), but who, in fact had to struggle much harder to get there, based on systemic racism and often their class status. The white legacy student is more often than not the one getting an unfair leg up (see, for example, C-student George W. Bush).

Black working class students, who come to elite academia with unique perspectives based on their own struggles on how we can maybe improve the world are going to be pushed out of those positions now, because the Ivies can now keep pushing for the traditional preferences. This was white, elite America re-entrenching itself into power by ensure that the people being churned out of these schools are primarily white (and mostly male, since AA has been a major benefit to white women, too).


As an example, the upper left category in the grid. College athletes might not be as academically-strong as the average student (though statistically, this assumption proves to be false). But there are minimal academic standards required across the entire NCAA for student-athletes to qualify to compete. So athletics is not the only standard by which they are accepted to college; it is one of many.


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Some discussion on this issue from some youtubers (including FD Signifier)…


Yes, that is extremely far-fetched.

WtF? No, of course Black students could be admitted for the other attributes. He’s saying that those who have the other attributes can be passed over for white students legally if the school so chooses to do so (and historically they have done exactly that).

It ain’t Ruben’s job to draw a comic that is somehow impossible for you to project racist bullshit into


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Your phrasing is beyond ‘poorly chosen.’

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… no, not really :unamused:

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