White woman wants minority internship, sues Getty Foundation

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Mediocre white women stahp… you’re embarrassing us!
Reminds me of this one, which is still before the supreme court:


She should get a DNA test done. If one of her ancestors was black or a Native American, then she could check those boxes on the application form.


Wow, a 3.7 GPA at SUU! I sense we’ll be seeing a lot of news about her–first the Rhodes, then a Fulbright, and in just a few years the Nobel.
I don’t mean to be ripping on SUU particularly, but I grew up in Utah and grade inflation there is insane. A number of high schools around me would have a large number of valedictorians. I did some quick digging and found a 2007 highschool graduation ceremonies list and while most don’t list valedictorians, some schools do and one school had 27 of 440 graduates listed as valedictorians.



Good luck to her getting an actual job in the future. I know I’d be unwilling to hire someone who’d initiated a lawsuit like this.


Complaining about all the opportunities that are denied to you because you’re white is like complaining that disabled people get all the best parking spaces.

Just be grateful you don’t need them, dumbass.


It depends on the outcome I think. If she prevails, then doesn’t that mean she was right and the foundation was violating her civil rights and possibly the rights of others?


I think you should be more afraid of not hiring her…


I know, right? The level of self-entitlement here is staggering. A 3.7 GPA ain’t special in this day and age. She had no hope.


I want what I want, and I want it now. Rules don’t apply to me…I’m special.

How does someone think this way, and act on it, without the slightest clue that they’re being ridiculous?


Because she’s always gotten her way, and why not now? Who’s the real racist here?


Which is why SAT scores are really the only benchmark worth a damn for college admission

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She’s a special snowflake godammit!


Not sure if this is sarcasm or not. However, working in higher ed these days…previously in pure psychometrics…I can tell you the only real thing a SAT score correlates with is how how WASPy and Male you are. It is a poor predictor of college success no matter how many of us universities use it. For programs that actually work at the first year experience of getting students up to speed – when they may have come from disadvantaged backgrounds and didn’t have schools that expected the same output – we find that the results are similar and can be further equalized once we look at external factors (i.e., would someone have to drop out because of money or otherwise).

That said, as a note on the original post…I can COMPLETELY understand why someone would be upset about this. I’m not saying she is right, I’m saying that I understand. I went to a HBCU as a white guy…excluded from almost every scholarship. I actually ended up getting a minority scholarship – and SERIOUSLY thought about taking it but realized it meant I would have to give up a job I loved because it wasn’t purely a scholarship…and the minute I got on stage to accept (one of the requirements) they’d be THAT BOY IS WHITE!!! I didn’t realize until after I got the confirmation that it was intended for a minority applicant! I wanted to work with an org that provided mentorship to minority students (K-12). After all, it was the population I wanted to work with and while I went to a historic black college in the first place. Nope. Was not going to be the asshole to take someone else’s scholarship. And it was 40 hours a week as opposed to me thinking I could do it IN ADDITION to my standard job!


Not sarcasm. They are a poor indicator of college success, but they are the only test which everyone who enters college takes. They are objective in the sense that they are not open to “fudging” and “inflation” like GPA.

Actually its more of a measure for how rich a given school district is. But in some cases there is exceptions with communities with large immigrant populations. The Math section is the great equalizer for the advantages of being in the dominant culture when it comes to that test. For those who are STEM minded near perfect math scores mean schools are far more likely to overlook mediocre Verbal and Written scores.

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I’m talking about in general…the correlation. We can calculate SES from the scores, but they still give a better score of who is white and male than anything else. I only know this from working directly with the data nearly daily and having nearly EVERYONE ask why we still use it and no one actually having a good explanation other than your status as an institution falls if you don’t require it.

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Actually, no.

There is only one college in the U.S. that requires the SAT test: Berklee College of Music. All other schools allow the ACT or other tests instead, and a growing number (including very “prestigious” places) are now test-optional entirely.

The reason for this change is because it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to college administrators all over the country that the SATs are not, in fact, a good indicator of success at college.

My kid who is currently a high school senior, for example, didn’t take the SAT, and still got into one of the top schools in the country. It simply wasn’t an issue.


Fair enough. The point I was trying to make, but stumbled due to my own ignorance, is that entrance examinations are generally going to be considered more objective benchmarks for admission than GPA due to the fact that they are not subject to the kind of hanky-panky certain school districts do with grading.


Unless you are living in an Asian immigrant enclave in then it doesn’t really test being white or male. In Northern NJ, there are several towns with rather high average SAT/ACT scores in comparison to relative wealth, but are hardly predominately “white” nor does gender factor into disparities.