This Florida public school teacher has a white nationalist podcast


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Is it a good time to bring up how poor a metric IQ is in the first place? I’m sure her IQ is average, and yet she’s a spectacular failure.


Having a high IQ isn’t a definitive indicator of success. You can be a complete dumbass and still be President of the United States of America, we’ve confirmed this at least twice now.


They found that being raised by high-SES (socioeconomic status) parents led to an IQ boost of between 12 and 16 points - a huge improvement that testifies to the powerful influence that upbringing can have.


Sometimes I think this is a prerequisite for the job in many countries. Sad.


twice? Try more like a dozen times now…at least.


Cool - we’ll just fire you to bump up our numbers too.


Right. I have test to have an above average IQ, but am an underachiever so I won’t be driving a Corvette like my friend who has an average IQ but went into some sort of financial field. (Hot Tip - don’t get a BFA, kids, unless you’re really, really good.)


Soo - I am thinking even if they have a strong teachers union, she won’t be keeping her job much longer.

The first rule of being a white supremacist infiltrator, is you don’t talk about being a white supremacist infiltrator.

And finally - in my experience, people are people and nothing makes one person inherently better or different than anyone else, least of all skin color.


Arm her! (pretend that I used all caps)


It also never quite ceases to amaze me how often these kind of pathetic assholes have to actively hurt and hold back people in order to protect the fabled superiority that is continually only shown to manifest where they lied, cheated, and abused people to achieve it… yet they never quite realize the obvious.


Obligatory citation

Claude S. Fischer, Michael Hout, Martín Sánchez Jankowski, Samuel R. Lucas, Ann Swidler, and Kim Voss, (1996) Inequality by Design: Cracking the Bell Curve Myth. Princeton University Press: Princeton, NJ.


Doesn’t matter how obviously racist you are, the freeze-peachers will still amass in droves to defend you.


Let’s just see…
…here’s something that she may find useful.


And here’s another…


It’s fascinating- our country has hindered minorities from achieving at every step along their lives- poor schools, dangerous housing, race based zoning, loan denials, judicial prejudice, career prejudice, and yet we blame it all of thei misfortunes on their skin color. Fascinating, and disgusting.
How does a young female educator get so far removed from reality and can’t see past her own hatred?


Dayanna Volitich … (under the pseudonym “Tiana Dalichov”)

Man, it must have taken some really intensive sleuthing to suss out such a high IQ genius operating under such a brilliant pseudonym.


I don’t even understand the wishful thinking behind white supremacy. I mean if they are correct than any achievement made by a white person is meaningless and owed completely to genetic chance, also no hardship should be too difficult to overcome since inherent superiority should be, well, inherently superior. Yet they are all somehow also special snowflakes on the verge of melting if any resource is spent on any other group of people. Which is it? It literally cannot be both.


Kidding! (Not kidding.)


When she could so easily have gone with “Nail Vanya In A Ditch”.


No, but flaunting any kind of test scores is a sure indicator of insecurity…


Do they come in an illustrated version?