My genius friend Rick Rosner went to high school for 10 years




10 years in high school to make sure he perfected the experience? he must be a huge john hughes fan.


I went to high school for 5 years and graduated twice. I have two high school diplomas.


Just when I think that I “get” Canada…


This was something specific to Ontario. It’s not a thing anymore.


Makes me wonder who the smartest person in the world writes for. Probably Conan.


Ah yes, I remember some friends who had went to grade 13.


Having an IQ of 150 doesn’t make you the second smartest person in the world. It doesn’t even make you the person with the second highest IQ - not by a long shot.


In 1991 he retook the test and achieved 47 out of 48 (IQ 190). From 1991 to 1997, Rosner was editor of Noesis, the journal of the Mega Society. Rick also completed Hoeflin’s Titan Test and is to this day the only individual to have gotten all the questions correct i.e. 48 out of 48. He has also achieved IQ scores of 192 in the high range IQ test, Mathema


It does to the person who writes “He was been a writer for Jimmy Kimmel…”



Really smart people don’t let anyone know how smart they are.


Really, really smart people tell everyone, just so they’ll underestimate me them.


Most IQ tests max out at or around 150. Most high schools won’t be using anything more sophisticated.


WTF? I tested at 150, FFS (for all the good that did me - lol).

The later results are for more indicative; I’d leave the high school results out.


I call bullshit: he’s using a Windows PeeCee.


these things bug the living shit out of me. i’ve studied advanced mathematics like a demon for about a decade and i still suck at it, and this guy was out there stripping.

it’s like the guy with a huge dick who never bothers learning how to fuck properly. such a waste.


Or a sparkly vampire.


Sounds like he is obsessed with doing well on IQ tests much like he was obsessed with high school.


This entry is actually pretty depressing. It reads like the summary of a life of wasted potential.

I’m not really sure what the point of quantifying intelligence is supposed to be. I guess human beings are obsessed with status symbols in all their forms.


It’s not like IQ is a measurment of anything useful. It’s really just a way of displaying the normal distribution for scores of a specific test that doesn’t really have any other applications in the real world. I scored 120 when I was evaluated for ADD. a score of 100 is the mean for the test group. Nearly everyone has a score within 10 points of 100. A 120 means I’m very good at taking the IQ test. It means literally nothing else.

I have a life full of bad decisions, impulse commitments, and thoughtless mistakes. If I were really “intelligent”, then I’d be a helluva lot prouder of what I’ve made of myself. Instead IQ tests seem to be mostly a test of applied reasoning. Not really a test of how one’s brain functions in day-to-day life.

If I were smart enough, I’d develop a test that measures people’s social and personal productivity, compare that to a test of how happy they are in daily life, and combine those scores in some way. Those people are smart. They know what they want, and figure out how to get there, and in the end are satisfied.