TOM THE DANCING BUG: "I Never Thought It Would Happen to Me"




OK. So Reuben have you been reading Dennis’s stuff and feel the need to emulate? troll? parody? Or is this sudden departure from political satire and random humor into semi-sweet adolescent reminisces just a new direction for you? What’s going on here?


Every Louis comic Bolling does is so painfully true.


I’m surprisingly grateful that this comic didn’t start with, “Dear Reuben, I used to think the stories in your comic weren’t true…”


I was guessing sly parody (of the strip, or of the concerned citizens, I’m not sure which…), myself.

Of course, being a sensitive lad, my first impression was, “Aww, that’s so true!”

Funny how context and intent (?) can alter a premise.


I’m probably going to be ridiculed for asking this, but:

  • Is Louis dreaming about the possibility of kissing Jessica in his own personal fantasy?
  • Did Louis have some kind of encounter and is now daydreaming about it?

Either way, it sort of touched a poignant nerve, captures that way of thinking as a young teen.


As a kid, I read “The Great Brain” series. IIRC, In the last book, The Great Brain Does It Again, the titular character of the books gets interested in girls, and loses interest in all the pranks and swindles that made him interesting…
So, it may be the end of an era for Louis.


Based on the Louis character, I have a pretty high degree of confidence that this is purely in the realm of deeply unrealistic fantasy


The juxtaposition of Boingx2 posting both this and that other real world stuff comic where the guy is daydreaming about having a hot girl sit on his face is somewhat funny.


Talk about pain. Here I was, thinking I was the only one who had Myron’s sister come on to him. I thought I was special and I’m not. Apparently anyone who has a school project with Myron is fair game for Jessica. Hmmmf!


I’m fairly sure Louis has fantasized about girls before. Being interested in girls doesn’t actually start to make you less interesting until they start to pay attention to you, and something tells me he’s a few years from that.


So you’re absolutely sure this isn’t how he experienced ‘coloring the mantle’ (yeah, that’s a peach-pole theme) and just culminating in or esconsed in an error like every other TtDB comic?


I think it’s just fantasy, and the joke is more along the lines of “I Never Thought it Would Happen To Me… and, in fact, it never did.”


…And by the way, I actually thought about it.



Wow, never heard of those before. They look great and pretty cheap on Amazon UK.


Totally unrelated to the comic, but whenever I meet someone from Utah I can’t resist telling them how much I enjoyed “The Great Brain” books as a kid. So far everyone’s rolled their eyes and said something like, “Yeah, we had to read them.” But it seems like they enjoyed them too, and I’ve had one really interesting conversation about the non-existence of Adenville, and the real town it might have been based on.


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