TOM THE DANCING BUG: Why Does Everyone Keep Calling Louis "Flash"?!

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If Louis keeps this up they’re going to start calling him “Koko”.

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I wanted to link to ye olde Peanuts comic strip in which Charlie Brown aspires to be called “Flash” and is suitably mocked, but alas, Google Image Search fails me.

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That’ll be this one then.


So Ruben’s comic is basically a repeat of a Peanuts strip?

I still feeling like I’m missing something…

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Not necessarily. He may not have even seen it before. I have no idea. I was just interested in the reference to the Peanuts strip. First result that came up too. The Fu must not be strong with that one.

I see. The similarity is pretty uncanny. I just don’t get the point, for a cartoonist who’s usually political. Does what Louis is doing parallel something republicans do? And if there is no point, well, why was it supposed to be worth my time even reading it?

I think Louis, in his awkward, adolescent way, is trying his hand at this…


Lister: [to Rimmer] Get outa town! Your nickname was never “Ace”. Maybe “Ace-hole”. - Red Dwarf, Season 2, Episode 1 (Kryten)


Gee I wonder why a working cartoonist would produce a strip with a marked similarity to one produced one of the worlds most famous and beloved cartoonist?

I’m going to go with financially motivated plagiarism.

Gee, if it were a widely known strip, and one worthy of bringing to light again, an homage would make sense. But…

That’s a rather shitty copy of this file:


Nice one. 'Twas all I could dredge. Looks like the Fu in me is not too strong also.
Now that i can actually read the text, the similarities to mr Bolling’s strip are pretty scant, and @milliefink’s reasoning was off.


With the above png I’ve taught you all I know :wink:

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Bolling is only political about half the time. Are you getting him mixed up with Tom Tomorrow?

No, I’m not, but even when he isn’t political, he’s usually got a point, or is at least funny somehow. As I said, this one just seems pointless, and dumb, which actually makes me think I must be missing something.

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I kinda know what you mean. They’re normally related to specific current events, rather than general human experience. Maybe it’s a branch-out.

Ha! I once worked at a place who’s self-service HR system had a field for “nickname” or “alias” or some such. Inspired by that episode, I put down “T-bone”, but no one ever called me that the entire time I worked there. :frowning:


OH MY GOD. This hits so hard.
I don’t really get why y’all would think this was plagiarism, it’s a reference to that Peanuts strip but involves entirely different subject matter.

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All the Louis Maltby episodes are about tween growing pains. Super Fun-Pak is almost always apolitical too, unless you’re voting for the Ghost of James Caan.

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