Po' li'l Lucky Ducky gonna get his swamp drained


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH ol’ Hollingsworth Hound promises to drain the swamp for Lucky Ducky an’ all his pals.



What’s with the weird grammar? Pogo reference?


As a (non-professional) critic I say PLEASE CONTINUE! Because the racist, fascist, kleptocrat we’re dealing with so bizarre gentle satire evoking antiquated funny animal cartoons might be the best response.

The rising swamp has put us in uncharted waters so it wouldn’t hurt to rely on time-tested navigation techniques.


I didn’t think Lucky Ducky comics could get any better. Once again you prove me wrong, Bolling.

Exactly. You’ll notice the inking is also a pastiche of Walt Kelly’s style.


Yup, the swamp, boat, and dialect is a Pogo tribute (“funny animal comics”). I appreciate the Comics Critic stopping the gentle tribute to lose his shit.


Even the last line was a riff on one of Kelly’s best known quotations (we have met the enemy and he is us).

I’m torn on the comics critic losing his shit. True, we’re at a turning point in history, and things are different then they ever have been and we should realize this, but let’s not lose our shit.


Very much agreed, screaming and freaking out doesn’t help anything. But it definitely reminds me of virtually every Trump thread on the BBS, which start out with a news blurb and a few animated reaction gifs and followup comments before the inevitable OH THE HUMANITY, THE MAN IS AN ACTUAL ABUSER AND FASCIST AND KLEPTOCRAT, HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE BE SO CALM??? comes up.


I keep calm because I have no other option.


Yup. He’s also in the last panel.


If you want a picture of the future, imagine a fuzzy li’l paw stamping on the cutest button nose — forever.


It’s funny because - oh god, oh god /starts sobbing


Needs names on the sides of the boat.


Simple J. Malarkey approves this message.


I’m very happy to see so many fellow Pogophiles here.

I go Pogo.
I’m for Vice.


“Irony: Do not let yourself be governed by it, especially not in uncreative moments… and if you feel you are getting too familiar with it…then turn to great and serious objects…”

(source: Rainer Rilke; “Letters to a Young Poet”)


Its okay. We´re all in this together.


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