The Latin American Lucky Ducky: Pato Afortunado comes to America!


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Pato Afortunado migrates to America and normalizing hilarity ensues!


Beatnik Dog is right.
There isn’t anything funny about this.


This seems to imply that Pierre the Beret Dog is over-acting. I don’t think that was Bolling’s intention, but it still looks that way.

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¡no más!
no maus?


“Pato” means duck, but it’s also a homophobic insult in Latin America. So Moneybags is perhaps also homophobic, which is no surprise I guess.


Is there any significance to the refugees all being ducks and the USians all being dogs? For some reason, I expected the kids to be all sorts of cartoon creatures.

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i suspect that, in part, this is a critique of the latime’s recent piece on colbert. ( short read: he needs to stop playing the fool to king 45 because it’s too normalizing. )

the academy awards playing in the background - that we all already go on as if for-profit prisons for toddlers is normal - is about the best rebuttal there is.


It’s been normalized in California for at least 15+ years. Social services is allowed to take any kids of squatters because obviously squatting is a sign of being unable to provide for them and gives tremendous leverage on the parents (unless they’re alienated, depressed or suicidal & decide to ghost their former attempt at social inclusion). The kids are put in foster homes to show them what a normal life looks like (because they probably didn’t know before).


And if that can be funny all is lost.


Not in My country.


i hear what you’re saying.

my take is – since i haven’t yet driven down to texas and camped out in front of the center in order to try to stop things – i’m inclined to let people sort for themselves how to bring attention to the problem. gallows humor and satire included.

[ edit: note, i’m not trying to be facetious. if we were all down there, it’d be done and stopped. we aren’t. i’m not. it’s hard to even think about the fact i’m knowingly choosing my livelihood over thousands of kids. sure, i’ve complained, and sent money. that feels like nothing. ]


(I was actually wondering if it was an archaic, outdated term.)

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In Brazil pato used to be a naive person prone to be abused by rogue criminals, os malandros.

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Roughly the same line of thought occurred to me. Here I am, comfortable and safe. Complaining, campaigning, and so on, but really – I should be throwing my body at those fences, but I’m not.


All comics don’t have to be funny.


I think it’s just a nod to the usual format of the Lucky Ducky comics, with the poor duck and the rich and callous dog.

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