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Love the totalitarian twin spaces after periods.

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even though we approve of racial attitudes of Mark Wahlberg’s youth.

I’m trying to figure out why NK officials or whatever would approve of racist anti-Asian violence.

In 1988, Mark Wahlberg attacked two Asian American men in separate racially motivated hate crimes. The first, Thanh Lam, was pummeled with a 5-foot long wooden stick. According to court documents,...

Because Vietnamese isn’t Korean. Some of the most overt racism I’ve been exposed to has been between various Asian ethnicities. I’d go so far as to say that most Asian ethnicities are actively racist towards other groups. Not so much with 2nd generation and beyond here in the States, but immigrant parents…


I knew a Korean guy that was almost disowned for secretly dating a Japanese girl from his church group.

And, two previously very friendly families from my school that became bitter enemies when their two honor roll kids began to date (because one family was Korean, and the other Chinese).

I was in a relationship with a Vietnamese girl that just didn’t work because I had to be “secret boyfriend”, and her family couldn’t know about me (as 20+ year old adults in college) because apparently 1/2 Japanese wouldn’t have gone over too well. Pity, she was super awesome.

Also, knew a guy in high school who wasn’t the best student. Korean mom would not let me into their house because of the 1/2 Japanese thing until she decided that an honor roll kid hanging out with her son was probably a good influence. Really awkward the first time we went to his house, he went in, I followed, and was quite literally body blocked by Mom in the doorway. Super crazy.

So yeah, Asian on Asian racism is a huge thing with a lot of history behind it. I’d bet that any Asian person here in the states has a lot of stupid stories to share about “old country” racism that really needed to be left overseas.


Makes, though that sounds as much like nationalism as racism. But come to think of it, maybe Koreans do think that the Japanese, especially, are a different race, considering what the Japanese did to them. Good on Koreans for never forgetting! Though yeah, thinking of the Japanese as an intrisically different race, and blaming individuals, are pretty out of bounds, especially those individuals willing to at least acknowledge the horrors of Japanese occupation.

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It’s not just that Koreans hate Japanese (historically, justifiable I guess), but that most Asian groups have interacted and fought over the centuries, and have developed animosities that unfortunately seem to persist. A reasonable, though not entirely comparable in intensity example amongst Europeans would be the classic French vs. English schism.

Perhaps tribalism would be a better word than racism.


“Asian” isn’t exactly one big happy family, as it turns out. I leave it to the historical statisticians to say precisely how the brutal-and-largely-pointless-internecine-slaughter per unit population per year compares between Asia, Europe, and Africa; but it’s definitely far from zero.

Considering what the Japanese did, I suspect it was the other way 'round.

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