TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix, feat. Vampire Hunter, Zombie Slayer, Etc


TOM THE DANCING BUG: At first I was like : D but then I was like : )

You’ve kicked so much arse lately this middling-to-good Super-Fun-Pak felt like a bit of a let-down ; )

I tried to look up Derek, and came up with … ? That can’t be right.

I was assuming it’s a reference to some British football player? I dunno. My Google searches have turned up nothing likely.

No, it is. He’s mixing that one with Derek Jeter who plays for the Yankees and is retiring this year.

So is that brain in the beaker being told it’s in a bar or is the powermac stimulating the brain into thinking it’s frolicking in a meadow somewhere or somesuch?

I mean, there’s no obvious way that the tower itself realizes it’s in a bar.

“Start copulating!” should be made the last line in every strip.


This is going to change a lot of Ziggy strips for the better.


Vampire Hunter, Orthodontist
“Yeah, my parents were goths. I prefer that people address me as Dr. Hunter these days.”

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I hereby submit that this phrase should replace “Christ, what an asshole”.

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