TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix, featuring "How the World Ends," and More Fun!


Previous Super-Fun-Paks have taught us how to draw Doug…what would be even better would be to teach us how to draw Phil Collins.

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Celebri-Science takes me back to when the Sunday comics I read had a strip that was a brief biography of a person who was famous at the time. I say “at the time” because a person’s appearance in that strip seemed to guarantee they’d disappear from the news within a week.

I did cut out and save the one about John Cleese, though.

Just for those who are curious, but not so curious as to look it up themselves - assuming that a year on one of Saturn’s moons is the same as a year on Saturn, and one Saturnalian month is still 1/12 of a Saturnalian year, then he has about 15 Earth years to live.

The more you know.


The previous appearance of Nerrex:

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