TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix, feat. Percival Dunwoody, Phil Collins, & Somewhat More




What a shplurky!


That’s shplourksist.


You’re the Shmoopie!


I enjoyed finding out that Phil Collins auditioned for the wretched kids show “The Bugaloos” but did not get called back, which led him to join Genesis later that year. If he had nailed that audition, he’d probably be managing a Kinkos and spending the weekends working on his model trains.


Ruben, sweetheart, you nailed 'em all!


Imagine being that casting agent. Imagine the guilt.


Oh for the love of… This tired old critique again? The issue of Smurfette’s sex being her “personality quirk” was lampshaded in her origin. I never even liked the Smurfs but of all the hooks to hang a criticism on, that’s one of the dumbest. No offense, Ruben.


shplourk you!



sorry, i watched that show as a kid, and lampshaded? origin story? what? it follows the pattern of most 80s cartoons. ( wikipedia says there were female transformers. i believe it not. )

the writers may have been trying to be clever, but i assure you it was lost on the way to the brains of the rest of us.

( unless you’re being sarcastic, if so: apologies in advance! darn you internets. darn you to hell! )


It was a comic book before being a cartoon, no? I’m curious about this lamp shading as well.


The ads are the best part. Can someone identify the object representing repressed sexuality? I guess I was born too late (and in the wrong country) to have internalized that one.


I think it’s a safe hidden inside a fake book.


I ordered the Alarm at the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics when I was a kid. What a rip-off. Turned out to be brine shrimp.


Smurfette was originally created by Gargamel to confound and mislead the other Smurfs, explicitly on account of them somehow not having any females and thus being unfamiliar with the gender.

(I don’t know where that later redhead female Smurf came from.)


I don’t understand how Smurfs reproduce either. Where I come from, it begins when two unmarried ducks love each other very much. Then a few nephews arrive and shut the whole thing down before it gets too saucy.


There was a story of a baby Smurf being brought by a stork during a blue moon. However that was on the Saturday morning cartoon, and may be non-canon.


Whoa. So funny I forgot to laugh.

Seems like you’re just phoning it in.


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