TOM THE DANCING BUG: Unpopular Mechanics, the Magazine for Young Muslim American Makers


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Excellent, and I’ll be waiting for the next Tom narrating what happened when he made the volcano.


Just buying the necessary materials immediately aroused so much suspicion the cops felt compelled to launch a preemptive strike using donated military equipment. In addition to the listed ingredients you will need:

-Insurance to cover hospital bills
-Insurance to cover the cost of replacing your home
-Additional funds for legal fees resulting from neighbors suing you for damage to their property


One nitpick, he appears to not have used a kit, but just took a clock apart. Though of course everything that happened afterwards was full of bullshit.


Doesn’t everything count as a kit, when it comes to disassembling and repurposing?


Definitely get some input from Kiera Wilmot on the next installment for making volcanoes.


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