TOM THE DANCING BUG: Where the Wild Trumps Are


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH little Donald makes mischief and sails off far away to where the vile things are and a Wild Trumpus starts




Hands still too big! :wink:
I’m trying to ID a couple of the Wild Things, but this is sublime.

Cartoon above in comments is missing Alaska (drill in ANWR! Track Palin needs a job when he gets outta the slammer) and Hawaii (wealthy lib state to be wrung dry, also brown folk)


Why does Putin only have a fork?

(Yes he could have a knife in his boots or a machete under the table, but still.)



It’s funny because I want it to be true. Oh gods, do I want it to be true.



In the top picture Pitt has a knife as well but the focus is on the fork.


I would so gladly work there as a guard or any other job just as long as I could be of service to the perp-in-chief. What a pleasure it would be to treat him with the same regard he has shown for the common man.


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