Tom the Dancing Bug: You are about to enter the courtroom of Judge Clarence

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My biggest annoyance with people like Clarence is he’s eroding the very things that allow him to do what he does. Ladder pulling is just the worst.


He doesn’t care. He wants to ladder pulled up since he’s made it, because he wants to rule over others, rather than work to improve society. He’s got his, and the rest of us should shut the fuck up and do what he tells us.


He climbed over the backs of women to get there, that much I’m sure of. People like that don’t leave a ladder for others, they just scrabble up over the bodies of the ones in front of them. The fine good Christian people of the US put this obviously morally corrupt person in a critical position of power despite there being ample evidence of him being unfit for this kind of role.

It was just so hard to believe that sexually harassing women is evidence of a tendency to abuse power structures.

So hard to believe, eh?

Ugh and since then we have justice blurred lines and bloody Barret the patron saint of nine year old mothers bringing double caskets back into the trade.


In one panel we have a bribe offered of a new luxury motor coach. John Oliver beat them to the punch, and sweetened the deal by adding $1M a year for life if Clarence Thomas would step down from the bench. So far, crickets.



And it’s only good for 30 days from the air date of that episode, so…


He used to be famously silent during proceedings, as he was allegedly embarrassed by his dialect and sound of his voice. I wish he could be embarrassed about his behaviors.


Here is my favorite comment about Clarence Thomas,
“Clarence Thomas wouldn’t snitched on Harriet Tubman.”
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I really like this parody song “Hang up your robe Judge Thomas”

HANG UP YOUR ROBE (SPEAK TRULY) by Don Caron & David Cohen

By David Cohen

Hang up your robe, Judge Thomas
Hang up your robe and cry
It’s time you paid the piper
For kickbacks you can’t deny

We watched your confirmation
Listened to your swill
And when it was over
We believed Anita Hill

Hang up your robe, speak truly
Step down and just comply
Tell us why your wife, “Ginni”
Texted Meadows on the sly

This time tomorrow
Please give us a sign
Will you be recusing?
Or better yet resign

Hang up your robe, speak truly
Your grifting was not as planned
Hang up your robe, speak truly
It’s high time you should be banned

Hang up your robe, speak truly
Hang up your robe don’t lie
Hang up your robe, speak truly
Your gravy train is dry

This time tomorrow
What we’d like to see
Removal from the SCOTUS
Then heading in to cop a plea

Hang up your robe, speak truly
Hang up your robe and cry
Hang up your robe, speak truly
Looks like, your life’s a lie

Well now, Judge
Hang up your robe, speak truly
Hang up your robe and cry
Hang up your robe, speak truly
Looks like, your time is nigh


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Is there a word for when parody is actually reality?

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