Tom Waits pens touching letter to beloved, eccentric music producer, Hal Willner

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

What a love letter.


Did everyone else read it in the slowest, most sonorously gravel-y voice they could imagine?


How fitting it is that a performer of Tom Waits’ caliber should eulogize a talented impresario like Mr. Willner.

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Truly a Wonderful Thing. I was hearing it my head in Tom Waits’ voice, and when I got to “He was 18 and I was 24 and he looked like he was already retired.” I bust out laughing.

“I’m watchin’ TV through the window of a furniture store…”


Wow, some of the collaborations here. What a legacy:

This one’s for you, Hal. Smooth sailing. We’ll catch you on the flipside.

I’m leavin’ my family
And leavin’ my friends
My body’s at home
But my heart’s in the wind
Where the clouds are like headlines
On a new front page sky
My tears are salt water
And the moon’s full and high

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