Tom Wolfe, pioneering "New Journalist" and novelist, RIP

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“Bonfire of the Vanities” was so good. It was one of the first “adult” books I read when I was a kid, about 11. I didn’t understand it, but I remember reaching the end and being profoundly sad and angry. When I read it again later in college, I finally understood it, but the same feeling of sadness and anger enveloped me.


A Man in Full is still on my list of most readable fiction.


The Right Stuff is a goddamn masterpiece.

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“Tom Wolfe, pioneering “New Journalist” and novelist”

And a snappy dresser.


Seriously, how many people could pull off the all-white suit for decades on end?

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No surprise to me that Buckley and TNR would promote his flashy, but fundamentally conservative work.

What’s with the black suit, white shirt, black tie outfit you always wear? Do you have anything else in your closet?
I’ve got four black suits that I circulate, and they are my cemetery clothes — my uniform that keeps me ready for battle.

Your cemetery clothes?
It’s ready to die, brother. If I drop dead, I am coffin-ready. I got my tie, my white shirt, everything. Just fix my Afro nice in the coffin.

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