Tonight is Robert Burns night

More pics to come, along with plenty of neeps/taddies/haggis. But to start here is the bread pudding.

Cream cheese and cucumber tea Sammie’s.

Composed caprese salad (thanks @frauenfelder for the excellent Tea book suggestion!)

The neeps


Damn! Another year gone.

This day, Time winds th’ exhausted chain,
To run the twelvemonth’s length again:
I see, the old bald-pated fellow,
With ardent eyes, complexion sallow,
Adjust the unimpair’d machine,
To wheel the equal, dull routine.

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Haggis in pork casings, lagavulin, and tastey cheddar. Many jigs and reels were played afterwards, and the haggis was piped in and stabbed.


The bread pudding was decimated. I used a common recipe and would be happy to share. The haggis and tatties were all consumed, along with the fish, but the turnips were not.

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