Tony Hawk yelling 'Do a kickflip!' at skaters is the best thing ever

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Tony really does seem like a mensch.
And by this rating a kick flip is level 6 out of 21

21 Levels of Skateboarding with Tony Hawk: Easy to Complex | WIRED


He’s just so cool.


Follow him on twitter because I love his “You look like Tony Hawk” stories! :+1:


He has got to have the greatest longevity of any athlete ever. He was the biggest name when I was a kid in the 80s and not only is he still skating, he’s still breaking records.

And to his point about how far skating has come, an 11 year old just broke that record last year. An 11 year old.


i follow him on twitter, and he doesn’t post a ton, but when he does it’s always great – i love his stories about when people recognize him, or say, “hey, your look like/your name is the same as that famous skater, Tony Hawk” and then they don’t believe him when he says he IS Tony Hawk, lol

he is basically my same age, and a few years ago he did this amazing video, reproducing 50 of his tricks when he turned 50:


Wired did one of their Most Searched Questions videos with him last summer, and when I watched it, I concluded that Tony Hawk answering questions with the plain, unadorned truth is more impressive than most people’s wildest hyperexaggerated brags. I’ve never really done or followed skateboarding, even in video games, but much respect.

See also.


I started watching/listening to interviews with Tony Hawk a couple weeks ago because his stoked, easy going personality is somehow calming/inspiring to me. I then ending up watching the Bones Brigade doc (which BoingBoing also coincidentally just posted about) and then suddenly I was ordering my first skateboard in 20 years and got to skate it last night for the first time. It went much faster than I remember but I’m excited to keep at it.

If anyone’s interested in great, in depth interviews with skaters I highly recommend The Nine Club which I also discovered during this whole descent back into skating:

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Well, there was a missed opportunity to “accidentally” run into Rodney Mullen.
(Lately, I mean. :wink: )

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 - Rodney Mullen

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